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Do You Believe In YOU?

"You know you're not qualified for that position, right?" On paper this may be true. "Your dreams are too unrealistic." This may have some truth to it as well. "At the rate you're going, you will never get married." This may also be true, depending on which direction you are moving in. We view all of these as a negative, but in today's world and society they hold some truth depending on who says it. Being under qualified for certain positions do happen in life. Having dreams so big that they may even scare you, also happens in life. Those who desire marriage, but do not put forth the necessary efforts to prepare for marriage and be rightly positioned, very well may end up not getting married. So, again the information very well may be true, but it does not have to be true for you. See, the narrator of your life is chosen by you. You determine who's voice you allow to read your life's story aloud.

Just because you are under qualified does not mean that you can not learn on the job. Just because your dreams seem unrealistic does not mean you can not reach them. Just because marriage for you seems like a never ending fairy tale, does not mean that one day it will not come true. See how the possibilities come to life if you would just change your way of thinking, put in some work, and remove anything or anyone who does not speak in your favor?

You have to decide if you will listen to the voice of self doubt, negativity, lies, defeat, jealousy, envy, or will you listen to the voice of Life? Will you listen to the voice of "I Can", the voice of positivity and support? Will you choose to turn the page of life, change the narrator, change your perspective, and view the world through a different lens? Will you decide to live in hope, belief, trust, and love for yourself? Will you believe in you and remove all things and people that reek of toxicity? Remember, the choice is yours and no one else's. You must make a clear cut decision before you move forward in life to always examine what you hear and think, and Identify if it is the voice of Christ or an unauthorized participant!

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