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It Doesn't FIT!

Aaaarghh! Why isn't this working out for me? What am I missing? Why can't I just get this to fit into my process? At some point in life, we have all asked ourselves these questions. Whether it has been while working towards our goals and dreams, making a life altering decision, or trying to figure out the next steps on our journey. Let's be honest, there is always a small part within us that would love to fit the mold of what's trending, what's popular, and what's up to date. But there are many times God opts to take us down the less scenic route or on a path we seem to feel is outdated and with little to no recognition or excitement.


The world is moving at such a fast pace and keeping up seems impossible to do. But what if God doesn't want you to catch up with the world, what if He wants you to stand still so that He can prepare you to Stand Out? We come up with our plans, work hard at goals, hire the best Mentor or Coach, but at times we still seem to fall flat. The reason we feel like we are coming up short is because we are trying to fit in with the world's plans and the process that worked for others. Nothing is wrong with getting help and gleaning from those who are in your field of work, but God's direction and instruction should be our number one concern. We must leave room for Him to operate in our lives as He sees fit.

I encourage you to make the decision today to no longer strive at fitting your ideas, skills, gifts, and talents into the world. Be okay with knowing that They Do Not Fit! You Do Not Fit! and that is an amazing place to be. God created you in His image and likeness. He created you to feed His sheep, to love and to serve. Learn to be okay with not being noticed by certain individuals, that may be the exact way God planned for it to be. When you give up the idea of fitting in, you will then understand everyone's process doesn't always work for you and sometimes that is for the best. Put that extra energy and time into believing in yourself, cheering yourself on, and seeking out God's perfect will, plans, and process for your life. Trust that although you may not fit in, with Him you will definitely Stand Out!

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