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Perfection Limits Direction

You're looking for the next step, but you can't see it. It seems as if you have blinders over your eyes. We have all heard the saying "You can't see the forest for the trees", but we continue to operate in a manner that limits our progress. We believe that we have to be the right size, have the right speaking voice, have the best products, and equipment before we answer the call and move forward in our God given purpose. What we fail to realize is that we can start right where we are and God will prune, refine, sharpen, and develop us along the way. Our only response should be, "Yes Lord" no matter what the road ahead of us may look like. The longer we stand still and wait for the perfect opportune time, is the longer it will take us to develop the spirit of pure obedience and trust in God to move us in the right direction.

Believe it or not, God is always standing by ready to provide us with His next step instructions, but we miss them because we allow our own thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to get in the way. We feel that if we are not leaping on the inside with excitement and joy, then it must not be right or from God. Most times when God speaks His directions to us it is through the calmness and stillness of the Holy Spirit. We must learn to silence our heart and mind from all of the noise, doubts, and fears so that we hear clearly from the Lord. We can not be so caught up in what we see around us and allow those distractions to lead, rather we should solidify our prayer life and cling to the Word of God. He can show us the right way we should go in a variety of ways. It can be through His Word, a Dream or Vision, during Praise and Worship, an Inspirational Message or Quote, or through Wise Counsel. No matter the method, if we are not tuned into His Spirit, but tuned into our own way then we will miss His voice every time.

Not only should we be positioned to hear His voice for directions, but we must be willing to receive His instructions and MOVE. Yes, you must be ready to go forward and do exactly what He has told you to do. There will be times where we may feel intimidated by the calling from God on our lives or we may feel that everything must be just right before we take the big step, so we find ourselves procrastinating and delayed. You must remember, you are the chosen vessel, but the outcome is not up to you. Your full obedience is the number one goal. There is an audience that needs what you are holding within. There is a world that needs to hear from you, while you are silencing your own voice. There is a broken soul that needs to hear your testimony of faith and overcoming, so they can see the light and hope at the end of their own tunnel. There is a world that needs you to Show Up! Decide today to release what's in your hands and heart, move past the distraction of Perfection and grab hold of His Direction.

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