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Your Ceiling Is Breaking

Imagine yourself walking into a room, you look up, and all you see are cracks in the ceiling. You become petrified that at any moment there could be a full breakthrough from the floor above, what a disaster that would be. Now, I want you to change that thought from an imaginary world and view it with your spiritual eyes, now, what a beautiful scenery. See, in the natural if a ceiling breaks that would be a catastrophe, someone could end hurt, repairs would drain your finances, and you would be temporarily displaced.

In the spiritual realm that is exactly what we pray for, a breaking in our finances, our marriage, our career, our purpose, our family, on and so forth. The thought of a breakthrough happening in our life sends us into an immediate praise and worship. We are overcome with great emotion, thanking God for answering our prayers and bringing a promise into full fruition. Once you experience a real breaking there is a sense of promotion, leveling up, ease, and comfort. Your mind feels renewed, your spirit has a rejuvenation, and your soul feels watered and refreshed.

Now, I want you to take a moment to examine what once were cracks of your fragile heart and soul. Think about what you saw and felt when you decided to lift your head up and open your eyes to what was above. What did you believe you were getting ready to receive? What heavy load was lifted when you saw the move of God in your life? Begin to think about the joy and excitement that showered your heart. Think about that very moment when the things you once prayed for started to tumble down upon you. What a wonderful feeling.

Think about the time you wouldn't stop believing and trusting God for the things that were finally about to be in your reach. When you begin to see the cracks moving in the ceiling above you, don't be afraid, prepare yourself for an amazing shower from heaven that is going to pour down heavily upon you. Let it fall, stand still, do not move, just let it tear apart. You waited for this, you prayed for this, you fasted for this, and now it is time you receive it all. Do not doubt or waver at the possibilities of God, remember He can and will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ever ask, think, or imagine.

When you maintain hope and faith in the power of God there is a newfound sense of strength and empowerment. If He has done it before then you can be assured that He will do it again. Don't stop believing, don't stop praying, don't stop expecting, just keep trusting in what will be. Envision it in your heart and know that any day your overflow of blessings and promises will fall from up above. So, don't attempt to repair the cracks in the ceiling, they are just sure signs that the heaviness of your blessings is about to seep through.

Begin to smile and look deeply into each fracture of the cracks and know that the all-powerful God is releasing what has been stored up for you in His perfect timing. The wait was worth every minute because you are now getting ready to launch forward into your destiny and calling. You are catapulting into the very thing God designed for you. It is time, it is YOUR time, so let the ceiling break, and let every piece fall where they may. It's time to enjoy the Breaking!

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