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Forgiveness Looks Good On You!

If we truly want happiness and peace in our life then why do we respond to the thought of forgiveness so negatively? Why do we feel that others should forgive us for our poor decisions and shortcomings, but we make it so hard to extend the same grace and mercy to others? I believe this is due to the lack of healing in our minds and emotions and not realizing that being disappointed and letdown by others is inevitable. A change of perspective is needed when it comes time to forgive those who have hurt us. You must remember that your peace, joy, and happiness matters most and that you deserve to live a full life of abundance.

We often view forgiving others as this daunting task and believe that when we forgive others we are excusing their behavior or saying what the other person said or did is okay. This can not be any further from the truth. When we finally decide to forgive others we are releasing the desire to control someone else's consequences and we are deciding to become Free. We are saying to ourselves "I choose to Free Up space in my heart, mind, and emotions" and remove all traces of bitterness, anger, hurt, and frustration. When we decide to truly forgive we are taking back the power we once gave to a negative situation or circumstance.

When you decide to forgive it does not mean that you must reconnect with the other individual, but you release them from the debt you feel they owe you. You finally understand that they too, may carry some forms of past hurts and traumas that they have yet to resolve in their own lives. As you move forward to become the best version of yourself in life, remember we live in a broken world and we may get cut by some of the broken pieces and people, but if you tend to your wounds and learn the lessons in the circumstance, you will be on your journey to healing and wholeness. Forgiveness is a matter of the heart, you should try it on. I bet it looks good on you!

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