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Start Small, GROW BIG!

There is a dream God spoke to your heart that is bigger than you could ever imagine, but you can't figure out why it is so hard to get it to come to past. You pray, follow the latest strategies, pray some more, sign up for program after program and still little to no results. You feel unseen as if God has you hidden and tucked away so you allow frustration to set in. Doubt knocks and worry opens the door, and you begin to feel defeated. You feel as if all of this was just a part of your imagination and you misheard God.

There is no part of you that says "give up", but you feel exhausted and tired of trying. You fight to hold on to what little bit of faith you do have and hope in the word you received from the Lord, but there is a part of you that tells you, you may have reached your full potential in life and this is all there is. You drop your head, you let out a big sigh and your mind runs hundreds of miles a hour with every possibility both positive and negative. You ask God "will this ever come to pass?", and you receive no response. Through all of your roller coaster emotions, God remains silent and the more you seek Him the more quiet He becomes. How could this be?

God wants you to cut through the surface base prayers and go deeper in your faith. He wants to hear your heart, not your fears. He wants you to be honest, open, and specific with Him. You may start with faith the size of a mustard seed, but through your spiritual maturity your faith must grow bigger and stronger. You must grow in your discernment and learn that God's timing is perfect. He did not forget about you, He sees you, but He is preparing you for something bigger and greater.

Think about a itty-bitty seed that a farmer places in the ground, that seed is very small but with the proper care and time it eventually grows into something bigger. God is the farmer and overseer of the dreams and visions He has placed within us and with His proper care and nurturing, in due time we will birth something massive for His Kingdom. There are many people in the Bible that received an awesome promise from God, but before it came into fruition they had to be patient and wait. There were times when it took years for those promises to come to pass, but through that waiting period they were learning, growing, maturing, and building. God knows exactly what He is doing and trusting in Him and His plan for your life is going to be imperative.

I am here to encourage you to keep your head up high and continue to believe in the vision God gave you. It is okay to start small because in those small stages is where you learn the most. There are many facets to the process God has for you, but first you must believe in what He speaks to your heart. There are many things that God wants to do in and through you, but He has to ensure that you are ready to handle those things, so He will give you many tests at the smaller level first.

I want you to get excited for what God has in store for you and enjoy this slow pace time in Him because when it is time for you to level up on this journey, you must be visible and consistent. Begin to find your rest and peace in God and focus on strengthening your relationship with Him daily. Continue to build upon your faith in Him and get excited about your next season to come. None of your hard work and efforts are in vain, it all serves a greater purpose, so find the joy in starting small and get prepared to GROW BIG!

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