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The Root of the Matter...

"Your attitude is bad and all you ever do is speak negatively." We all either know someone who operates like this or have been the person to operate like this. The bad attitude and negative speech are just surface wounds to a much deeper issue within a person. Let's say the bad attitude could stem from the negative treatment by others when they were growing up and the speaking negative comes from the pain of being rejected throughout their life.

How do we begin to help others see the conditions of their "internal roots" before immediately making the decision of writing them off? As we stand on the outside looking through the window of someone else's life, we must take into account that there is a story lingering in their soul. They just need one patient, loving, dedicated person to knock on their door and commit to listening to their heart and assisting with pulling back the layers of their hurt.

So, today I encourage you to think beyond what you see and hear, and choose to be the positive voice in someone's life. Partner with them in an attempt to help them become better. Let them know that you care and that you are willing to stand with them as long as they are willing to receive your help. I encourage you to become someone's bridge so they can cross over to internal freedom.

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