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The Thorn Hurts, But It Is Necessary!

The pain, the agony, the sweat, and the tears from a part of your life that just seems to be slipping deeper and deeper into your soul. Most times it seems unbearable and too difficult to overcome. You question, "Why must I endure this for so long?" and the worst part is that this "thorn" was not even sent by our Heavenly Father. This thorn takes on many different facets of life. Some times you barely know it's still a part of your life because it tried to go into a dormant state at one point, but then other times it feels excruciating and never ending. The tears fall down your cheek, the anger builds up in your heart, and the brokenness of your soul shakes in your voice. You just don't understand, if you are faithful and loyal to God then why is He allowing this? If you surrendered your whole heart to God, then why is this continuing? You wonder if God sees you and if He even cares?

Think about a beautiful rose and the prickly, painful, ugly thorns that comes along with it. We may not find the thorns attractive, but they are necessary. The thorns are there to keep away predators and serve as a form of protection. Also, roses with thorns lasts longer in a vase than those that have had the thorns removed. So, we must change our view and perspective of the thorns we have in life. I am reminded of Paul in the Bible (2nd Corinthians 12:7-10) he pleaded with God three times to remove the thorn from his flesh, but God's response was that His grace is sufficient enough. See, Paul may have not known the purpose of the thorn in the beginning, all he knew was that he wanted to get rid of it quickly, but once he changed his perspective and realized the thorn's purpose, he was able to understand that the thorn would keep him from getting haughty and conceited (hence protection). Paul also realized that God's grace and strength was all he needed. Paul decided to take another approach and gladly boasted in his infirmities, persecutions, and distresses.

We must decide to take the same approach as Paul did in the Bible and trust that God can work out every situation and use the very same tactics the enemy set to destroy us....for our good. We know that when we are weak God is strong and if we stay connected to Him as our primary source, He will pull us through. I encourage you to put your thorn to great use by allowing it to work it's full purpose in your life. Allow the thorn to sharpen, build, and refine you. Allow the thorn to work on those deep areas of your heart and unwanted triggers. Allow the thorn to protect you from a boastful, snobby attitude, etc. And, while the thorn is doing it's work in your life, God is funneling His strength to you daily. The enemy thinks he has you in a difficult position that will cause you to count yourself out, but God has other plans. Do not give up, do not quit, do not throw in the towel. Yes, the thorn hurts, but it is necessary!

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